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A world without music to feed the curious mind. [Jun. 30th, 2005|12:57 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |While My Guitar Gently Weeps- The Beatles]

I want to write a book.

But who would read it.

Hey! Maybe that could be the title..

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(no subject) [Jun. 29th, 2005|03:35 am]
Oh thats love..Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jun. 17th, 2005|08:38 pm]
Time is flying...

and I just can't seem to catch up.

The summer is coming,
I better start to run.
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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2005|09:46 pm]
[mood |jealousjealous]

Dead-pan humor.
Please---hold the tumor.
11 or 2? A. M. P. M.
Mr. Old.
Mrs. New.
Brew another pot.
Take another shot.
To sir with love,
He gives her a shove.
Don’t eat today,
No not even tomorrow.
Impossible in the day,
The kites too high to even fly!
Young with wisdom-
Old with innocence-
Can I freeze you for 12 years?
Will you shed me some tears?
The schoolgirl days aren’t gone,
But yet this feels so wrong.
Do you know what I meant?
Please do not assume without my two cent.
Mind over body---
In the wrong position its naughty.
Absence of a father?
I’m the too-fast-grown-up daughter.
But I’m really not you see!
Been through more than you, and your grandchildren too.
Witty Humor.
Fascinate Me.
You always have my respect.
AND no
I am not through yet.
For this poems everlasting,
The steamy nights passing...
Thoughts running fast,
My admiration will last.
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(no subject) [Dec. 28th, 2004|02:36 am]
How will you know I'm hurting, if you cannot see my pain?
To wear it on my body, tells what words cannot explain. -C. Blount
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